No more football, please

Friday night I got my hair cut on the way home from work, then grilled pork chops. Later we watched TV, including the blow your mind finale of Dollhouse (Whedon fans, if you dropped it, the second season is great).

Saturday I watched a bunch more TV as the DVR was filling up, then we headed out in the afternoon over to the Birchmere with the Jewells and got our line tickets, then went over to Rt’s Restaurant for appetizers. Jill and I split a Cajun Caesar salad (using Creole cornbread for croutons), then I had oysters three ways and she had shrimp and grits.

We got back with plenty of time, got a table for four next to the soundbooth and helped Janice with her onion tangle, then split a pepperoni pizza (they’ve dropped their burgers from the menu). Jake Armerding was not only playing with the band, he got to open this night, had a nice but short set. Eddie From Ohio was of course great, lots of great banter and a nice setlist with some old gems.

I watched one football game (Saints/Cards) before we headed to bed, then Sunday morning watched the Colts/Ravens – since both weren’t close at the end, it was fairly quick to watch them both. In the afternoon I went shopping to find a receiver for my mom to hook up to her new TV, found this. We headed over to her house where she made us waffles and I hooked up all her components (and worked on her computer). When we got back home, we watched the Viking/Cowboys game and 24 (back in a big way), then Jill headed for bed and I watched the Jets/Bolts and the Golden Globes (nice to be able to stay up late and finish everything).

Today Jill wanted to go to Virginia Kitchen for breakfast so we did, I had the Eggs Benedict and she had the Western omelette. She was out after that, and I read newspapers and played some Wii (including my new favorite training regimen). I made taquitos and salad for dinner, then hopped online for the first time all weekend. Now it’s time for Chuck and hour 3 of 24.

5 thoughts on “No more football, please”

  1. Hey, I hate to ask since it was such an old blog… but how in the world did you get all those old school Tori Amos recordings? I’ve been looking everywhere for them and just can’t seem to find them.

    1. Are you referring to the ones here? If so, then one I bought from Tori’s boots, one I recorded off the radio, and one I got at a record show.

  2. Lonely Parade – 1985 demos
    I Don’t Know How To Leave You
    Trail Of Tears
    Looking For El Dorado
    Car Full Of Boys – 1987 demo

    These are the ones I’m missing that I can’t seem to find anywhere.

    1. Ah, you’re talking about this.

      I’m not sure where I picked up if it wasn’t at hearinmyhead; contact me at hemisphire1 AT hemisphire DOT com and I can help you out.

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