Beer, skiing and football

We headed over to Dogfish Head on Friday night as a friend from high school was attending a happy hour, and we had a beer and chatted for a bit, then got a table for dinner as the bar was way too crowded. We split a Caesar salad to start, then both had burgers. When we got back I finished off the old and new Dollhouses – really picking up steam.

Saturday we were up early to meet up with the DC Ski Club at Shady Grove Metro, then head up to Ski Liberty. My Christmas gift to Jill was her plane ticket to Denver and ski lessons, and I urged her to take a lesson (the fact that the lessons were cheaper had nothing to do with it – maybe).

By the time we got her resolved (including me going back to the car for her socks) and I finished getting ready, the other folks were nowhere to be found, but that was ok as it was my first time skiing in two years. My form was horrible at first, but memory started returning, and by the time I took a break to meet up with Jill, I was feeling pretty good.

Jill was done after two hours of extensive instruction, but I wasn’t and kept going as she got her knitting out. I had tried most of the green and blue runs by that point (the blacks were moguls and I hate those), so I finished the others then focused on perfecting my favorite run, Sidewinder -> Lower Strata. I was getting sloppy right as time ran out, so that was good.

We hadn’t made plans for the night (and Illa had the dogwalker), so we decided to stop in Frederick on the way back. I want to go to Volt at some point, but we didn’t bring a change of clothes. Instead the first place we spotted after parking was Brewer’s Alley, which was a great choice. We both started with soups, a cheddar ale for me and a gumbo for Jill, went well with our six beer samplers. Next she had a pulled pork sandwich and I had a chili rubbed steak sandwich with a tomato-jalapeno jam that hit the spot. After we got home I watched the end of the Bengals/Jets game and all of the Cowboys/Eagles game – didn’t care about the first one, disappointed by the second.

Today was a lazy day, made breakfast then watched SNL and LOTS, then hopped on the computer for more video editing fun and surfing. Then it was time for football and dinner. The first game I was surprised that the Pats got steamrolled, and the second was the game of the weekend, thought the Packers could come back all the way.

I made pork chops and green beans and heated up mac and cheese for dinner and Tom Sietsema’s favorite quick and easy dessert later (with Splenda instead of sugar and store made whipped cream), nice tasty low sugar dessert. Then we settled in for a nice evening of Chuck – hopefully with all the promos it got some good ratings. I like him as an ass kicking spy, although I wish the second episode hadn’t reference a first season episode.

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  1. Hey Kerry,

    I’m starting to find places for Dan and I to play after our 2 1/2 month hiatus. Do you happen to know anything about the music scene at Dogfish Head?

    Enjoy Chuck tonight! I’m waiting for Heroes!

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