Numbness and Vultures

I spent both the start and the end of the day yesterday being numbed, but for different reasons. In the morning I had a visit with my dentist where he replaced three fillings (he showed me pictures of how the fillings were separating from their teeth – ew). I didn’t think it would be that bad, and the top two on both sides were fine. But the bottom left one was a little too sensitive, he had to give me three doses of novocaine until he could do it, so the lower half of my face was out of it until well into the afternoon.

I had tickets to see Them Crooked Vultures for the third time that night. I’d already gotten rid of my second one (Jill was working a 12 hour shift), but still wanted to go, even though the cold and rainy conditions tried to change my mind. I headed down to the 9:30 Club – a little later than I planned, so I missed a couple songs. But I’ve spent the last couple of days blasting one of the Austin shows in my car and I know the songs pretty well by this point. So I wasn’t trying to puzzle them out, and I could just let the show wash over, numbing the rest of me.

This show was my favorite of the three, combination of the smallest venue of any plus the performance. I’ve seen four supergroups that formed this year (these guys, Tinted Windows, Chickenfoot and The Dead Weather), and these guys turn in by far the best performance. I think Dave Grohl and John Paul Jones may be one of the most ferocious rhythm sections ever, they leave nothing back. Pick the album up next month and see ’em if they tour again, it’s quite a show.