Concert bookends

Friday night I went out to see Dan Navarro at Jammin’ Java with the Jewells (it was an early show and Jill was working late). I haven’t been the hugest fan of Lowen & Navarro (although we did see their final show), but some enticement was offered: Michael Clem & Eddie Hartness of efo would be his rhythm section for the gig. So knowing the Jewells were saving me a seat, I was able to leave work at the last minute (got to work late) and still get a good seat. And the show was good too, David Glaser added some nice guitar and Robbie came up for a duet on “I Don’t Believe In Yesterday”, though I was surprised that Mike didn’t sing (or banter, for that matter).

Saturday I got to sleep in and spend all day at home. I took Illa for a run/walk (two weeks until the next 5K) then had Jill’s Worst Breakfast Ever, also known as lamb and eggs (she won’t eat either). In the afternoon I burned 10 audio CDs of live shows I’d downloaded, then tucked into newspapers and TV (plus I watched Stargate again to refresh my memory before watching the new show. I’d marinated chicken in a new tandoori recipe, then roasted it in the oven while I cooked spinach and chickpeas, best homemade tandoori yet.

Sunday we tried to catch up on some more TV, I enjoyed last week’s Dollhouse, then I watched the awful Redskins game. Then we headed over to the Birchmere to get a line number and walked a block to Po Siam, a Thai restaurant we’d decided on. The chive dumplings were just too heavy (fried), but Jill’s steamed ones were pretty good. My Pad Prik Kra Prao with duck was excellent, and Jill enjoyed her Panang with chicken. We went back to the Birchmere and got seats, discovered we were still hungry (just can’t do only two meals in a day) and split a taco salad. Soon Po’ Girl was opening the show, and I was glad we hadn’t skipped them. The CD I got was ok, but they’re a really good live band, with eclectic instruments – for the first song, they had drums, an accordion, a clarinet, and a banjo (later on they used a washtub bass).

Soon we were treated to a classic Girlyman show, Nate was on fire, especially when he learned his zipper was down for the first half of the show (you had to be there). The new CD is really great (even if it didn’t have our names in there), and I really enjoyed the new songs live, especially “Storms Were Mine”, “Easy Bake Ovens” and “True Enough” (with a 495 shoutout). Ordinarily on a Sunday night that would have been it, but Jill was off today and Angie Aparo was playing at Iota (she really likes his voice). So we went by, scored a spot halfway down the block and headed in. He was just finishing up his first set, and we stayed through the end. Too bad we missed “Hush”, but we got “Broken” and a nice “Cry”, then headed home. I’m dragging today (early dentist’s visit didn’t help), but it was still worth it.

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  1. “My with duck was excellent, and Jill enjoyed her.”

    Worst sentence ever. The assumption I will draw here is that you named your duck, decided it was a girl, and Jill enjoyed eating her. A bit gruesome, but serviceable.

    1. Oops – that’ll teach me not to proofread before posting. Fixed now (but less amusing).

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