More cleaning and Earth Day

I got home late on Friday, but not too late to enjoy some time on the back deck reading the paper, then grilling some kielbasa for dinner. We watched a double header of Reaper after that before bed.

Saturday I enjoyed a little time outside reading the paper after breakfast, then spent most of the day downstairs getting the finished part of the basement in order, mostly through repurposing some old CD bookcases so they could hold some of the book overflow (and the massive book shifting job in association). At night I grilled some steak and made a salad, then I went on worked on some DVDs while Jill made brownies (tasty).

Today I went down to the Mall for the Green Apple Festival celebrating Earth Day. When I got down front, Los Lobos was going into their last song, a cover of the Dead’s “Bertha”, which was a nice echo of my last concert. Next up was moe., who I saw last year at Wolf Trap, and they played “Tailspin”, my favorite song from that show and a whole bunch more I didn’t know, but it was pretty good. I liked that instead of a mosh pit in the middle, there were a bunch of girls with hula hoops.

The headliners were The Flaming Lips, who may not have come to mind for Earth Day (maybe Mars day), but they were fun. They started with Wayne’s usual shtick crowd surfing in a bubble, then fired lots of confetti off – not very environmentally friendly, but Wayne made the crowd promise to pick it , or he’d be hauled off to the hoosegow later. A cover of “Borderline” and their usual hits followed, but I headed out before the end to beat the crowds. We had a quick chicken sandwich dinner, then I needed to ship a bunch of auctions off and that took a while.