Lateness, cleaning and TV

A good weekend for staying in, what with it being cool and rainy. We got up late and stayed up late – I took a while making calzones Saturday night, and when I went to turn on the TV afterwards, SNL’s theme song was playing.

We had talked about doing a house cleaning, but instead started tackling the basement. Jill had already started sorting some stuff, and I reorganized to give us 3 times as much open space as before – I’ll need to get to the rest soon.

I watched a lot of TV – need to clear off the DVR for the BSG marathon next Friday as I gave up watching when we left on vacation, and I figured they’d re-air them, just didn’t think they’d only do it all at once the day of the series finale. Also played with the dog, read papers, and made possibly my finest pulled pork and fries yet.

One thought on “Lateness, cleaning and TV”

  1. hey, sorry to be obnoxious – i couldn’t figure out another way to contact you. i’m just some guy, and i was actually just google-ing the dave matthews and tim reynolds 2.19.96 show, and your website came up – in your list of cdr’s. if you still have that show, i’d appreciate it if you could drop me an e-mail.

    sorry to take up space on your blog with this.

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