Another quiet but busy weekend

The weekend was good, I got everything done I wanted. While Jill was still in turbo study mode all weekend (crazy, I know), I managed to get three DVDs done, watched Road to Perdition (c’mon – Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Daniel Craig and Jude Law as gangsters? Fun stuff), finished reading all my comics, made chili and fajitas. And then I watched three eps of V and all four football playoff games.

Most people don’t realize that as much as I love the Redskins, I love the playoffs, too, and relish watching all the playoffs so by the time the Super Bowl rolls around, I’m pretty familiar with the two teams. And the playoffs are usually between good teams, especially that Chargers/Colts matchup (overtime? And the Chargers won?). Tonight I grilled souvlaki, now I get to play with my new toy (more later).