At home and Mom’s

Friday we had a quick but tasty dinner of some leftover carnitas (based on this recipe, but with pineapple juice instead of orange juice, and using pork chops for the meat). Jill was wiped out, and the DVR was almost full, so I watched some movies with the dog before enjoying a full night’s sleep.

It had started raining Friday night and continued to rain all day Saturday. It would occasionally slow down to a sprinkle, or increase to a full downpour, but never let up. I had considered going to my college homecoming, but it wouldn’t have been fun in the rain. Instead, I read the newspaper and a book, and continued working through the DVR backlog. I dared melting to run to Safeway and Home Depot, then made myself some nachos before I started the tortuous task of trying to fix a friend’s mp3 player.

I had found a couple of frozen, breaded chicken breasts with marinara and cheese in the center. I sauteed eggplant, then baked it with mozzarella cheese and heated some more marinara sauce to go on top, then made a salad to go with it all, came out very nice. We weren’t in the mood to do much after dinner, watched Graham Norton have fun with Harry Shearer and Eddie Izzard, then watched SNL (we both enjoyed the Obama Variety Half Hour, and Jill loved the Vincent Price sketch, though Maya Rudolph made it painfully clear they need at least three women).

Sunday morning Jill woke me up early as she was woken up by chest pains and wasn’t sure what they were, but she was feeling better before too long. I watched the game in the afternoon (another squeaker), then we headed over to my mom’s. We played with the dogs in the backyard, then went on a little walk before coming back for dinner. It was for my birthday, so I’d chosen Mom’s moo shu pork – she’d also decided to make her egg rolls. Everything was tasty, then we settled in the living room to open gifts and watch the dogs play. I got several nice books I was wanting, plus some nice food items. While we were chatting, I also installed two years worth of updates on Mom’s computer. For dessert we had her homemade carrot cake – moist with some tangy frosting.