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Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood is scheduled to start airing September 8th on BBC America, but you might want to wait a week (’til September 17th) as HDNet will be airing it in HD.

I didn’t know until I was digging around the Doctor Who Wikipedia page (I missed last week’s episode due to a FiOS outage) that there have been a number of Doctor Who stories produced by the BBC that I’d never seen. I’m not talking about the webcasts like Shada, or the hilarious spoof Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death. Check them out for yourself while they’re around – I’m partial to Children in Need (it’s got Rose, and fills in a crucial gap), although The Infinite Quest has a nice guest villain (avoid Attack of the Graske unless you’re a completist, it’s painful).

Sixth Doctor
A Fix with Sontarans (part 1)
A Fix with Sontarans (part 2)

Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Seventh Doctors (crossover with EastEnders)
Dimensions in Time (intro)
Dimensions in Time (part 1)
Dimensions in Time (part 2)

Tenth Doctor
Attack of the Graske (part 1)
Attack of the Graske (part 2)

Children in Need

The Infinite Quest (episode 1)
The Infinite Quest (episode 2)
The Infinite Quest (episode 3)
The Infinite Quest (episode 4)
The Infinite Quest (episode 5)
The Infinite Quest (episode 6)
The Infinite Quest (episode 7)
The Infinite Quest (episode 8 )
The Infinite Quest (episode 9)
The Infinite Quest (episode 10)
The Infinite Quest (episode 11)
The Infinite Quest (episodes 12 & 13)

Season 2 bloopers
Bonus David Tennant and Catherine Tate sketch

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  1. It’s within fair use to call me up and say ‘save me a VCR tape of that’.

    Missed your chance with this one, we did a cleanup when we got back from Maine.

  2. True, but I read the synopsis and decided I didn’t need to go to extraordinary measures, I’ll see it some time.

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