3 concerts and a movie

Doesn’t quite have the ring of “4 Weddings and a Funeral”, but there were almost 4 concerts. An early start to the weekend as I went out with friends Thursday to see Weird Al‘s latest tour. We met up to eat at Chef Geoff’s, I had the shrimp and calamari Fritto Misto as well as an heirloom tomato and homemade mozzarella pizza. Fun show as usual (though I wish I hadn’t seen this year’s Al TV, as I’d seen most of the video clips). The best part was during “The Saga Begins” as a line of stormtroopers danced like Robert Palmer girls and an audience member danced around like Ed Grimley. I was feeling not too well when I got home, but I was dehydrated, and felt better after mass quantities of water.

Friday my work was giving out Keith Urban tix, and I was in, especially after seeing The Wreckers (the new band featuring Michelle Branch) would be opening. I met up with some coworkers after work, and we drove into DC. I’d been mentioning RFD to them, so we planned to go there for drinks before heading over to Verizon Center. That didn’t work, since one of the girls was a couple months shy of 21. We tried Fuddrucker’s and Clyde’s, but they were too crowded, so we ended up at Hooters. I had no idea they had a full bar, I had a nice pint of Sam Summer Ale with my Buffalo chicken sandwich.

Before the food came, Denise and I went to scalp the last three tickets noone had taken. We sold one to this nebbishy guy who was concerned we’d be sent to jail, and the other two to a scalper who resold them as time was getting short. I headed over to the show after I’d finished eating as it was after 8, and caught the last couple songs with a couple coworkers who’d gone straight to the show. Keith Urban put on quite a show, he may a little bit country, but he’s a whole lot rock and roll. Highlight for me was the encore singalong of Steve Miller’s “The Joker”.

Saturday we went to a matinee showing of Stardust at Tysons Corner with some other coworkers. Two of them had reserved seats for us, so it wasn’t a problem getting seats, just getting in (I’d bought in advance, and my order wasn’t in the computer, can’t wait to deal with that hassle). The movie was great, fairly authentic adaption, and the new parts (the princes didn’t behave like that in the book) had a Gaiman-esqe feel to them). Not that we’ll be sure about what’s him or not, since in response to a question about who wrote the new ending, he says it was partly his. I made steak fajitas for dinner, then we went off to Jammin’ Java to see Jenny Owen Youngs, who sings sweet pop songs with a filthy mouth. Opening for her was Jeremy Fisher, who Jill really liked.

Sunday was Illa’s least favorite day, nail trimming day. He cries like you were torturing him, but we’ve learned if Jill or I are petting him for the duration, he settles down (although he peed on the deck). After informing the neighborhood we were torturing him, he settled down and let the folks from PawNanny do the dirty work. I had a nice afternoon after that, reading newspapers and Stardust again as it’d been a while (book’s still best, but the movie is close). I made shrimp and potatoes for dinner – I thought about going to see My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park at Nissan for the Projekt Revolution tour tonight, but I was planning on a lawn seat and rain is threatening, so it’s surfing and reading tonight for me.