emmet, etc.

Friday night we didn’t do much, I heated up some frozen Asian food, Jill went to bed early, and I surfed and read newspapers.

Saturday we got up late and lazed around, getting to my company picnic later than planned, but still had fun and ate a lot (good ribs) in spite of the oppressive heat. We came home, read, watched TV, had pizza for dinner, didn’t do much. We went to see emmet swimming at Ned Devine’s that night, unfortunately the opening band, the BANZAI Underground, was horrible and ran long (really guys, if you play your last song, then say you have time for one more and no one cheers, that should tell you something, eh?). We’d brought both cars because Jill figured she’d want to go home early and did – they played ’til 1:30, and I stayed to hear all of it. Glad I did, as they premiered a new song, “Just Call A Cab”, which had a catchy chorus. Todd let the crowd choose the last two songs of the second set as they were running out of time (other choices were “Hey Jesse” and “Listen To The River”).

emmet swimming 8/4
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Today was a little cooler, so we’d scheduled stuff to do. We got all the camping/trip stuff put away, and aired out the stuff that’d been put away wet. I was finally up to cooking and made a rémoulade sauce for shrimp and roasted some zucchini to go with it. Jill finally finished the last Harry Potter and got her school work done, so now we’re going to watch some Family Guy.