Live weekend part 1

Started off the big concert weekend in a low key way. Jill and I headed over to Wolf Trap at 3, because we’d signed up for the VIP Pat McGee Band package, which included a private reception with an acoustic concert to kick off the show. We enjoyed food and tasty beverages, then gathered around for a nice half hour set with all the musicians that would join them on stage with no amplification whatsoever. Very cool. Jill was still hungry, so we headed over to Safeway for a sandwich for her, then picnicked until the main show started. Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers were good, but Carbon Leaf really had a great night, lots of classic tunes including an cool take on the end of “Free Bird” and an epic version of “Torn To Tattered”.

Pat McGee Band was what brought the crowd to its feet. I was glad Todd Wright came out during the second song and stayed on stage all night, but Al Walsh joining everyone for “Haven’t Seen For A While” was great, and Michael Ghegan returned to play sax with a nice horn section. The expanded lineup definitely gave the songs more muscle, and new songs like “I Don’t Think I’m Listening” and “Come Back Home” were really good. My highlight was the great jam during “Minute”. I’ve got more photos here.

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  1. No argument there. I would have been pulling for the door and the early train if Madonna had been the last act.

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