The puzzle is coming together

So I, like many, will be traveling up to New York (ok Jersey, but I stop in NYC) tomorrow to see the US Live Earth show. I’m getting into the spirit, even going green. I was so hoping that there’d be a DC version of the event, and now there is. Too late and too little for me, I’m psyched about the lineup at Giants Stadium. The tricky part is that information about the concert has been tickling out slowly – I bought train tickets several days ago with the assumption I’d get there at 2:30 and leave at midnight (they pushed the start time back on Monday). They wouldn’t even say who started and ended the show, let alone what the end time was, but now I have the lineup (and start times):

Kenna 2:30
KT Tunstall 2:51
Taking Back Sunday 3:07
Keith Urban 3:30
Ludacris 3:56
AFI 4:21
Fall Out Boy 4:46
Akon 5:04
John Mayer 5:32
Melissa Etheridge 5:58
Alicia Keys 6:21
Dave Matthews Band 6:50
Kelly Clarkson 7:22
Kanye West 7:52
Bon Jovi 8:20
Smashing Pumpkins 8:52
Roger Waters 9:25
The Police 9:56

Not quite as cool as getting the entire itinerary for London, but useful for planning my day. If you’re at home, Universal HD will air 22 hours in HD, starting at 4AM, in addition to the webcasts and prime time show. Still, at least I’ll get to see the reunited Smashing Pumpkins (especially good since I failed to get tix to their show here Tuesday) and my first glimpse of The Police.