More hazy shades of Winter (pills)

Saturday morning I got up and made strawberry pancakes at Jill’s request. It was a drizzly, gloomy day and I wasn’t too motivated to do much. I read some newspapers, walked the dog, and cooked a mustard marinated pork loin for dinner. It was our date night, so we headed down to Clarendon. One of our Falcon Ridge finds, Winterpills, was at Iota opening for local wunderkind Taylor Carson. How popular Taylor was we didn’t realize until we showed up a couple minutes after they’d started and saw a line in front of the club. A line only means one thing at Iota – they’ve sold out, and people in the line are waiting for people in the club to leave – not very promising (and they don’t sell tickets – first one in the club wins). However, the fire exit door next to the stage used to have butcher paper covering it and now didn’t, meaning we could stand outside and watch the band from stage right and hear and see almost everything. There was an annoyingly placed post, but I can’t complain too much – it was nice outside (the rain had stopped). Afterwards, we stayed to buy their new CD (since Flora from the band was selling them and we couldn’t get one until they were done). I had been enjoying listening to the stream of the new songs, but I wanted a version that was a little more portable. We thought about going to catch Brother Shamus (which features the drummer from Eddie From Ohio) nearby, but it was getting late and Jill had a lot to do on Sunday, so we headed home and watched 24 before going to bed.

Sunday I had my usual routine. I was going to spell it out again before I finally realized it’s as boring to type it out as it probably is to read it – if I do it in the future I’ll try to at least say something different. The day was gorgeous, so I took Illa on a long walk, and we even jogged for part of it. I took some newspapers out on the deck as I sunned and had a cocktail, then Jill and I had a snack. Later I started another eBay auction, this time comics of a superhero who’s been in the news a little bit, before I made a salad and pizza for dinner. I spent some time figuring out why Jill couldn’t print a PowerPoint presentation – turned out to be a particular slide just wouldn’t print. Now it’s much later than I planned, and I never even got through Sunday’s paper. Maybe I’ll catch up on stuff on Tuesday – another concert tomorrow.