Furry Houdini

Illa’s new nicname is Furdini, short for “furry Houdini”. A week or two ago he escaped the baby gate we have up to keep him downstairs when we’re asleep or out. He hadn’t done it again until Saturday, and he’s gotten out three times since. Yesterday we moved the chair next to the landing (maybe he was getting on that) and put another baby gate on top of the first one. Nope, he was out when Jill got home, and he’d torn up a banister (where the chair was) climbing out.

So last night I put the wheelbarrow in the upright position where he’d gotten out and both baby gates up. Good enough? Wrong! About 2AM (I actually was asleep by then), I woke to such a clatter (and it wasn’t from the roof). He was bounding up the stairs, and I told him he was bad (it only makes sense to yell at him when I catch him in the act). I flipped the wheelbarrow upside down (on my left big toe, ouch) and put a trashcan on top, then dragged him back down. He was still trying a couple minutes later, so I went back down and threatened him with the spray bottle (how we successfully trained him not to get too close to the table or kitchen counters). He hasn’t gotten out this morning or this afternoon, so we may keep doing that for a while.

Last night I needed a quick dinner and cooked some older CSA veggies (bok choi, broccoli, potatoes) while I heated up some premade crusted tilapia. Tonight I made the rest of my enchiladas. They went over well at work, but they’re much better coming out of a hot oven with a nice cold beer (Sam Light tonight). Lost was good, now I’m surfing and will be off to bed soon (I hope).

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  1. Neil Gaiman’s shortest work yet :

    “I’m dead. I’ve missed you. Kiss … ?”
    – Neil Gaiman

    From Wired’s article on 6-word fiction.

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