I didn’t get much done besides web surfing Friday night, and didn’t get to bed until nearly 4. 10:30 came harshly with a cold wet dog snout, so I got up, showered, and made eggs benedict for myself (I guessed correctly there’d be no breakfast on Sunday). We did not take Illa to the vet as Pawnanny‘s co-owner and vet tech with the most experience would be staying overnight and watching him. We tried to get going by 11:30, but blew past that by an hour. The trip down was pretty uneventful – we hit the only backup on 95 half a mile before the exit. There was a meager turnout for the tailgate at the homecoming game and at the fraternity house afterwards, mostly due to no notice from the fraternity. Still, it was good to catch up with everyone that showed, and the Smokey Pig BBQ we had was tasty. We went back to John and Meredith’s house, and chatted with them a while before Steve and April showed up (they weren’t able to make homecoming) and we broke open some wine and crackers and cheese as we chatted late into the night.

Sunday we slept late, even with the time change – I got 10 hours, and I let Jill have 30 minutes more while I showered. I could tell there wasn’t much enthusiasm for brunch, so we agreed on Jason’s Deli. I got a salad (which meant one trip to the salad bar) and a Smokey Jack Panini, while Jill had a cup of chili and an enormous broccoli and cheese topped baked potato (that turned out to be only a half serving – I’d hate to see a whole one). Both were good, and we were plenty full when we left for our trip home. We again hit a backup on 95 right before our exit, but this time it started two miles before. We got off on 234, stopping at Starbucks so Jill could get her first pumpkin spice latte of the season. We thought we might be in time to make the Chantilly library booksale, but we were minutes too late, so we went home.

Jill cracked the books, and I took Illa on a long walk. When I got back I started watching SNL, then switched to the kitchen TV and started watching Bill Maher while I did prep work on a Louisiana cajun bean soup, then back to SNL. The soup was simmering so I finally got a chance to catch up on papers and watch my Joe Satriani concert. The soup came out quite nicely, then Jill cleaned up and walked the dog as I tried to figure out if you could add an attachment to webmail from another website (you can’t). Jill headed for bed, and I finished up through Saturday’s paper and watched “Jericho”.

6AM was rough on 5 hours sleep, but I had a 7AM meeting, At least it wasn’t at work – I’d been volunteered to update the Herndon Festival web site. The meeting took almost an hour, and I was surprised at how lucid I was even when sleep deprived. Jill had made me a coffee, and I brought it to work and froze it, then made a latte with it around 10, and that got me through the day (bit longer than usual, as I need to leave by 2 on Friday to meetup with Jill in DC).

I went grocery shopping after work – it was time, but I also needed candy for Halloween and something for a work potluck tomorrow. I had been urged to continue my mini theme (mini burgers and mini reubens were my last two dishes), but I hadn’t been able to come up with a good one. I wandered around the store until I settled on enchiladas (but cut up into thirds). I was going to make them for dinner, but since I didn’t finish until almost 1 (it’s that dang tortilla frying that slows me down), Jill had a pizza and went to bed. I had two when I finished and I like it, so it’s a go for tomorrow (I’m not going to dress up though).

I watched a lot of TV while cooking, so at least I did that too tonight. Of course I forgot about the eBay auction I had ending – but only four things sold. Unfortunately, one of them was not my BNL tix, have to see about getting rid of those through alternate channels tomorrow.