More Thai and Terry

I’m not going to make any more Thai food for a while. Monday night I tried it for the third night in a row, and Jill said “Enough!” Mostly I think it was the cucumber and onion dish that called for two cups of vinegar. The other dish I made Monday was pretty tasty – fried bread and pork. But I understood – she’s looking for compfort food, especially with a big test on Friday. Last night I had the rest of it, and I had the orange chicken tonight for leftovers, Jill got home late and had pizza while studying. I watched Jon Stewart and Lost while I played with Illa.

Last night I was out for another Politics and Prose reading at the Wesley United Methodist Church, this time for Terry Pratchett. He’s got another Discworld kid’s book out now. He was scheduled to start at 7:30 , but he got caught in traffic, didn’t get started until almost 8. He was his usual charming and funny self, told us about winning the Carnegie medal and accepting the OBE, then gave us a brief autobiography and took questions from the audience. I left during his last question (he wasn’t doing a reading and I didn’t want to stay late for another autograph) to try and make a bus. The bus was late, the first train was gone, and the second train got me to Metro Center just in time to see my connecting train pull away, which meant I had to wait an extra 30 minutes at West Falls Church for the 950. I got home at 11 and Jill was in bed, and I had the aforementioned Thai food.