Thai food

Friday night I got home after Jill, and read newspapers and watched TV (Stewart/Colbert, Jericho). She made pasta for dinner, but went to bed soon after.

Saturday I slept in, then walked Illa and made some cilantro-ginger scrambled eggs (got the idead form the Food section, pretty good). I sat out on the deck and read the paper. I then started on what would become an epic of Thai cooking, prepping stir fried pork and bean sprouts. I watched Dr. Who (awesome ep) and BSG while making them. Jill came down for dinner, then she cleaned up and I walked Illa, then we watched Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin – The Untold Story (laugh out loud funny). We had a brief break in the middle as I’d also made dough for oatmeal raisin cookies while I’d made dinner, and we ate them.

Sunday I slept in again, and I took Illa for a long walk, then made hollaindaise sauce and eggs benedict. I read the paper during the Skins game (blech), then did some fall prep (cleaned the furnace filter and switched the front door from screen to glass). I made orange chicken and stir fried kale while I watched “Wedding Crashers”, then Jill came down for dinner (she’d been mostly studying on campus the last two days). She just finished cleaning up and now we’re both online, but I’m finishing soon to play with the dog and have some more cookies.

Yeah, not too exciting, but that’s what we did this weekend.