TGIT (reprise)

Ok, now I’m glad it’s Thursday. Wednesday was the longest day of the year in more ways than one.

Wednesday I got to work extra early without breakfast so I could put in some extra hours and make it to a doctor visit in the middle of the day. But Jill called right before 11 to let me know the trapper was on his way and she couldn’t stay and had to leave for work right then. So I headed home and made a roast sandwich while I waited for him. Good news, last raccoon caught and we’re free of critters at last (not counting Illa, of course).

It was close to 11:30 and I had a 11:45 appointment, so I headed over to Reston Hospital. I was early when I arrived, but the orthopedists had moved to the new building and I was late when I finally I got to their office. I had to fill out paperwork and wait, then they x-rayed my ankle and I had to wait some more while those were developed. I finally got to see the doctor, and he felt I should keep wearing the ankle brace and see a physical therapist because my heels were turned out funny. I set up an appointment for next week, we’ll see if it helps. The pain has been less today, but I’ve also been working on the trigger points in my legs.

I had an HOA meeting after work and didn’t get home until 8:30, not long before Jill did. She wasn’t hungry (didn’t eat ’til 4) so I made an omelette for myself, then she quilted while I read the paper and some comics, watched DS/CR/JL (Daily Show/Colbert Report/Justice League), then went to bed.

I felt better today after 8 hours of sleep, then got to work just in time for my current project to go crazy. Had to work long today to make things work, and Jill ended up staying longer too. Jill had an idea for green beans and Canadian bacon for dinner, along with squash, both tasty. I watched my usual DS/CR/JL, then headed up here to beat the storm headed our way. Going to bed soon as I need to make into work early again as I have a massage right before lunchtime that I had to move from Wednesday.