Lazy weekend

Lazy weekend, at least for me – Jill got some good progress on her quilting. There were a couple concerts I wouldn’t minded have going to (Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java Friday, Pat McGee Band at Alexandria Waterfront Festival and Butter Sweet at the Ice House Saturday, and Styx at the Loudoun Summer Music Fest Sunday), but my ankle was bugging me and I decided the best thing for it was rest.

Saturday we slept in some, I was up around 10:30. I walked the dog, then made egg sandwiches while I watched Hex. I’m liking that show more and more, think I will stick around for the season. Jill ran some errands, then came back and we watched the last three hours of 24. She had a craving for Don Pablo’s, so we headed there around 6. There was a big line, so we put our names down, then headed across the parking lot to Total Wine to pick up some beer and wine, then returned just in time to be seated. Jill had the Primo combo, and I had the new Mezcal caliente chicken enchiladas (good – didn’t expect something with a kick from Pablo’s) along with our usual queso. Afterwards, we stopped at Lowe’s for big ass pliers (to take apart the sink plumbing, sandpaper (to hold Jill’s quilting, and grass seed). Later, we watched the last three hours of Desperate Housewives (sense a theme here?), then since we weren’t tired, Mean Girls (SNL was a repeat and I needed a Tina Fey fix).

Sunday was lazier. I hadn’t turned on the AC and it was a scorcher, so after a quick walk and breakfast, Illa and I retreated to the basement. Jill managed to sleep through most of it, not getting up ’til after 2. I read the paper, then some comics. We decided to beat the heat by going to the movies, finally catching X-Men 3 in Tysons Corner (Jill had an AMC gift card). I liked it, nice recycling of the plots from Astonishing X-Men and the Dark Phoenix saga, though my favorite moment was the nod to Days of Future Past at the beginning. I had marinated chicken in a lime juice/oil/spice mixture, and grilled that as I made a salad for dinner, and watched the Simpsons and Family Guy.

My phone’s speaker stopped working after I started plugging in the adapter for the car, so Saturday night I took it apart, having found a site that talked about a similar problem with the Treo 650 (I have a 600). But bridging the contacts didn’t change anything, so I searched for more things tonight. The solution was Freedom from Toysoft, also the guys who made a way to record video using the Treo’s built in camera, which I’ve been using for a while. I’ll see if I can get by with using the trial version. else I’ll buy the software – much better than the $180 an out of warranty repair costs from Palm.