No more American Idol

I watched last week’s shows because they not only did the music of Queen, they went right to the source for advice. I’d never watched more than a minute of the show before, and was surprised at the lack of vocal ability of the contestants (Jill had to leave the room during “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “Who Wants To Live Forever”). I’d hoped to see more of Queen and Paul Rodgers, but didn’t enjoy much of the performances or the judging. I did like the performance of “Innuendo”, but enough to tune in again to see Chris. I guess I don’t really enjoy any reality TV.

I found it interesting that Brian May’s “conflict” with Ace was mostly manufactured in editing, according to Brian:

It was edited in such a way that it looked as if I was purely negative – they very naughtily inserted a bit that I said about “not on my own song” so it appeared that I said it AFTER we had played together, which was not the way it happened …making me look like I was against the whole thing.