Club Pet & stuck heads

Illa loves Club Pet in Chantilly. He’s been there four times now, once for two weeks while we were in Europe, and three time for weekend trip when we went to Boston, Toronto, and Holyoke. The runs are the biggest of any of the local kennels, there’s chain link outside so he can see and smell the other dogs, they let you bring your own food (and treats) and we took advantage of the additional service to walk him twice a day (and give him a bath as well). When he comes home, he races around to reacquaint himself for a couple minutes, then curls up and sleeps for the rest of the day.

One problem on the way home from there yesterday. We have a harness and buckle to hook him into a back seat seatbelt now, and it’s been working fairly well, as long as he doesn’t get himself too tangled. I was driving on home on 606 when a pickup on my left started honking. I had the back windows down just enough for him to poke his snout out, and he’d managed to get his whole head out, and was stuck. I put the windows down more, and he didn’t try to put his nose out anymore that trip. He was weirded out but fine, right as rain when it came time for a post ride walk.

It’d been weird the night before I was totally alone in the house for the first time in 8 months. Very quiet. But yesterday wasn’t too noisy as he did settle down after checking things out. I caught up on papers, finished watching Commander in Chief, watched SNL and Sopranos, and grilled a burger for dinner. Tonight hasn’t been much busier, I took hime for a long walk when I got home, then watched West Wing and the rest of Crash while I made reubens and paid bills.