Feng Shui

I don’t know if I believe in Feng Shui, but I’m convinced a big part of being happy in your house is just having it clean. We’ve been keeping the house nice after the party (we kinda have to with various houseguests for the next month) and it’s a joy to come home to. Now if only we had some way to tire out Illa during the day.

Been a quiet week; I’m actually caught up on newspapers for a change. May start my monthly comics pile tonight. Made quick dinners the last two nights (frozen chicken cordon bleu for Jill, chicken kiev for me with green beans and mac and cheese Monday; leftover turkey/ham/bean soup with crab/artichoke dip last night), so I compensated by making linguini alfredo tonight. It didn’t take that long, especially since I had cooked sausage leftover from pizza making. Full and happy now.

Maybe this weekend we’ll get to TV watching – as of tonight we’ve got three Lost and three Alias eps to get through, unless we take the other tack of watching the second and third Harry Potter movies.