Holiday party

As usual, we were cleaning up to and beyond the last minute yesterday. By the time our first guests arrived at 7:30, we had finished cleaning, but were in the middle of food prep. Thankfully, even making a dip from scratch (veggie dip had gone bad) didn’t take too long.

The party was great, I think we had around 15 people show up. We hadn’t seen some friends in months, and it was good to catch up. We gave Illa 3 bones over the course of the night, and he only came up for bathroom breaks (aside from introducing him to the guests one time). The only thing we ran out of was Coke, and Carol, one of our neighbors who came, volunteered to go home and get some. Jill’s crab and artichoke dip went over well, although we have too much food left over again.

I was awakened by a noise this morning, didn’t hear anything else, but took my time getting up. Turns out the Christmas tree had fallen over, breaking several ornaments (included a handmade one Jill trreasured). We recentered the tree on the stand, but it still wasn’t right, so Jill tied it with a string to the curtainrod.

I made breakfast, then sat around reading newspapers (I was backed up to Monday) and watching football (a win!). I made a white pizza for dinner that turned out pretty good, now Jill’s watching TV and I’m just finishing my Christmas shopping.