Or maybe the 19th century

Last night and this morning everything was working fine, but by the time Jill got up, the phone, internet, and cable were out. I went on the website to report it, and they sent a tech out (supposedly between 3 and 6PM, but he didn’t come until after 6). It was up by 9, but we were out, so I missed Alias and Smallville (asked a friend to gasp videotape Alias).

Apparently the line got cut, and they’ve got a patch for now until they do a more permanent fix and rebury it in the next couple days.

2 thoughts on “Or maybe the 19th century”

  1. but if I finish all of my chores, and you finish thine,
    then tonight we’re going to party like it’s 1699.

    we’ve been spending most our lives living in an Amish Paradise,
    I churn butter once or twice, living in an Amish Paradise,
    It’s hard work and sacrifice, living in an Amish Paradise,
    We sell quilts at discount price, living in an Amish Paradise.

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