Dog Day Afternoon

That was Saturday (also the name of the place where Illa will get obedience training).

We got up, went to the CHAAMP bake sale, saw Lezlie and met some others in the organization. It was funny that both of the people who’d walked Illa when he was at the kennel remembered him. Then I stopped by CD Cellar (my favorite store), not the original in Falls Church but the spin off in Clarendon. Turns out there’s a pet store next door that Jill took Illa to while I did a little shopping. Finally we went to my mom’s where we attached Illa’s lead to the lead she had so he nearly had full run of the yard, and he played with Trina a little while we chatted (and I had to check on why Mom’s email was wonky -turned out it would never finish downloading a huge email full of pictures, so she’d turn it off and get the old messages each time).

We went home and Illa was worn out, left us alone pretty much the rest of the day. Jill went out to run a few errands, then came home and made a tasty chicken and sausage bean soup (using up the veggies that could be used for soup. This week was the last week of our weekly fresh veggie bag, but we still have quite a stockpile. I got through most of the newspapers before we ate. Later, we watched an old Threshold and Desparate Housewives (we’re still about 6 hours behind on our TV viewing, maybe we’ll catch up next weekend).

Today Jill worked, so I got up and walked Illa, then made an omelette while catching up on Daily Show and Colbert Report. Still love the Daily Show, and Colbert Report is getting better. Watched the Skins lose another close one, then raked the leaves out front and went grocery shopping. I slow cooked pork all day to make barbeque, came out nicely. I’m nearly all caught up on TV I’m not watching with Jill (still got this week’s SNL to watch, but I’ll do that tomorrow before she get’s home).