Good news and bad news on concert tickets. Bad news is I bought Nine Inch Nails tickets without thinking about the date, which is the night we were planning on flying down for the Edhead cruise (which starts the next morning). Unfortunately, the tix are will call only – I’ve emailed the company about my quandry, but haven’t heard back.

In better news, the fanclub presale for Queen plus Paul Rodgers at Meadowlands October 16th was today, and I got third row. They were also the very expensive VIP tix (includes a backstage pass), but since I didn’t give into temptation to go see them in Europe (or Live 8), I figure I’m due (plus it’s the week of my birthday). And the backstage pass is pretty cool, too – I think the only group I’d rather have one for is Rush. They’re only playing Meadowlands and the Hollywood Bowl right now – supposedly if sales go well, they may return for more dates next spring, but I’m not waiting – who knows what might happen.

Now I need to decide what to do that weekend. I’m thinking of flying into Newark either Saturday or Sunday (the show’s on Sunday) and back early Monday so I don’t have to take a day off. If we go Saturday, I might meet up with my uncle and aunt and cousins up that way. I found it odd that taking Amtrak would be an additional $100 over flying, but oh well. We’ll just rent a car in Newark, and we’ll be more mobile.