ER, Potter, etc.

Friday night around 5PM I started having these tingly feelings in my right ankle. I made swiss chard and steak quesadillas for dinner, and I read while Jill packed and we hauled the camping gear up from the basement. About 11:30 we were going to bed (Jill had a 8:30 flight home), and I mentioned the tingly feeling seemed to be getting worse. She said we’re going to the ER. They took a look, and decided I’d been overfavoring my toe, and told me I should stay off it (x-rays were fine). So we got home around 2:30, with me on crutches and foot wrapped in a splint.

Jill decided not to go home; not sure what this means about Falcon Ridge. I need to make an appointment with an orthopaedist tomorrow morning – if they could get me off crutches (maybe a walking cast), it would make a world of difference.

So yesterday and today have been nice lazy days. I’ve been mostly on the couch (with foot elevated) and Jill’s been on the loveseat, reading (and making dinner, and taking care of me). I made it through the rest of this month’s comics, a pile of Cerebus related comics, the first Absolute Planetary collection, the 3 Alan Moore Supreme collections, Saturday’s Post, and Neil Gaiman’s script for “Good Omens” (his second take, which is significantly different than the book). Yesterday, Jill read a couple “The Cat Who..” mysteries, than my mom came over around 5 with the new Harry Potter (she’d ordered it for Jill’s birthday, but had it delivered to her house). It was much appreciated, as Jill read it last night, and I devoured it in 4 hours today. No spoilers, but we both liked it a lot. Now where’s #7?

Also I had an appointment for neurosoma today, so Jill took me, and we got Wegman’s takeout on the way back. Tasty. Now I’m surfing, and Jill’s out running errands. Next I shall read the paper, then Mark Millar’s Ultimates HC and Red Son collection (I must admit, it’s nice to get this much uninterrupted reading time).