Good To Go

Busy day. Saw the chiropractor, massage therapist, and orthopaedist. The orthopaedist said it was a hairline fracture of the toe (rather than a chip), and it was an ordinary sprained ankle and could support weight (what likely happened is one or more nerves got sprained with the muscle, and they’re sending out the weird tingles I’ve been getting). Anyway, he pronounced me good to go (with a new walking cast). I’m not comfortable going out without the cast yet, so I’ll use it for the next week.

What does that mean? We’re still going to Falcon Ridge. But the new plan is we leave tomorrow (which means I’m taking off all this week, instead of Wednesday on), and we go up to see Jill’s family (and Jill drives). Then Jill drops me off at FRFF Thursday, then joins me on Friday, then we come back Sunday as planned. Now I’ve just got a metric ton of things to do before tomorrow morning.