Girl Genius now online

Phil Foglio, the writer/artist most famous for illustrating MythAdventures, has been doing a comic called “Girl Genius”. Apparently the mathematics are such that he’s now producing the comic online 3 times a week, and then collecting the work in trade paperbacks once there’s enough. I was unhappy that the last couple issues he had increased the size so they didn’t fit in my comics boxes, but I’ll miss seeing it every month. I’ll just add it to my slowly growing list of comic strips I read online, (like Something Positive and Sherman’s Lagoon (well, the Post publishes on Sunday, but I read the rest of the week online).

One thought on “Girl Genius now online”

  1. Sacrilidge!

    Foglio is most famous for ‘Whats New With Phil & Dixie’ from the back of Dragon Magazine, and continued in whatever the Magic:The Gathering magazine was.

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