Tired & burnt

Been a busy couple days. Yesterday I had 39 eBay auctions finish, so I had to package up the comics (which meant I was out on the porch making 24 cardboard protectors out of old boxes) and send off the invoices. Later, Jill and I ran errands, which meant stops at Best Buy (new Garbage), World Market (wine), Sears (just looking), Costco (gas), Total Wine (beer, including Sam Adams White), Target (inflatable camp goodies) and Safeway (groceries). Safeway was most important, because I had purchased artichokes from Costco last week, and I needed turkey ham to make eggs benedict properly.

Once we got home, we put stuff away and I made hollandaise sauce and eggs benedict while I steamed the artichokes. We were catching up on TV, and it was after 9 when I was done, so we ate in front of the TV. Little had I realized both “Lost” and “Simpsons” were repeats last week, so we were soon done. I boiled some rhubarb and strawberries into a mash, then added some Splenda and stevia, for a dish (the consistency of applesauce) my mom used to make. I enjoyed it, but Jill wasn’t thrilled (she’s not a big applesauce fan either). She was very happy with the chocolate milkshake (with Bailey’s), though.

This morning I made eggs, then took Jill to the airport (she’ll be at a convention until Thursday in Chicago). I came back and got right to work – on my tan. I was going to go rollerblading today, but I smacked my left knee on the banister hard enough yesterday it’s still twinging today. I got my exercise nonetheless – I cleaned the entire house after I finished the paper (and got a little burnt).

Now I’m shipping all the packages from the auctions that’ve been paid for, then I’ll grill some hamburgers for dinner. I’ve still got over 5 hours of shows to watch (last week’s Deadwood, two Daily Shows, Bill Maher, and the Brits awards). I may not get to all that tonight, especially since I have to record shows for Jill tonight. That’s ok, I haven’t cracked my new comics box yet either.