How do I solve a problem like Tori?

I’ve got two Tori problems. The first is the Warner Theatre show on April 6th. I don’t have tickets. There are a fair number on eBay, but I’m torn. Since I missed the presale, I’d like the chance to get the good seats, but they’re pricey ($300 each for 2nd row, $250 for 4th, $200 for 6th). Of course the balcony seats aren’t that cheap (lowest seems about $100 each), and I’m not sure which way to go. I think I’ll wait another week to see what auctions are like then.

The other problem is her instore signing this Thursday at the Barnes & Noble in Georgetown. It looks like if I actually want something signed I’ll need to be there before 9AM to get a wristband (probably before 8), then show back up around 4 to get in the line for wristband holders. Seems like a waste of time to show up twice, but I really want an autograph, and to me, getting them in person is what makes them special. Luckily our project ended today and thanks to the time I’ve already put in this week, I can work a half day on Thursday.