New dinner plan

So Jill laid down the new dinner rules – no TV, and we have to eat at the kitchen or dining room table. It’s been a little weird so far, especially since I wolfed my food on Sunday to not miss the Oscars (not bad, I liked the monologue, and thought Beyonce was an interesting choice for the numbers), but then there was this in the Post today: It turns out that a number of studies show that the family that eats together eats better. And under sub headings: Turn off the television. A Tufts University study found that children whose families regularly watch television during meals eat less fruit, fewer vegetables and more pizza, snack food and soda than those who turn off the tube during dinner.

It’s official: she knows everything now.

2 thoughts on “New dinner plan”

  1. We shuffled furniture again a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been spending a lot more time at the dining room table. I like it.

    Our enshrined table ritual at the moment is dismantling the Sunday paper for coupons. It’s domestic. I like it.

  2. No, newspaper is read on the couch – by me, every day. Although Jill sometimes clips coupons and reads the comics on Sunday.

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