Where was I?

Stoopid spam.

Anyway, obviously another busy week. One of the lead developers on my project got pneumonia and was out all week. Adding other problems meant punting the deadline until some time next month. I still worked hard on it; I stayed home Thursday to work on it, and only went online to search for code. Next week should be better, as I may move to another project.

We’ve got new kitchen counters and the dishwasher is finally in. It looks great, and once we replace (or refinish) the cabinet doors, the kitchen will look like new. Today we put everything back in the cabinets. An easy way to tell when something needs to go is when neither one of us can figure out what it is.

Last night we went to Jammin’ Java to see Stephen Kellogg and Braddigan (formerly of Dispatch). We were late because of waiting for the contracter to finish, and when we walked in, the seats were long gone. The opener (Matt Wertz) was still on, and I decided we weren’t going to stand for 3 hours because a) Jill wouldn’t, and b) I was hungry. So we walked around the block, checked out a nice (but way too expensive for spur of the moment) Italian place, and settled on a Thai place.

Very tasty – I had a chicken and seafood in Wonton shell appetizer and chili duck, Jill had some soup and chicken in a coconut milk sauce. Before we ordered, the waitress said to Jill, “I just wanted to tell you you’re so beautiful”, at which Jill got flustered and blushed deeply. Then I joked “she obviously isn’t aware that I’m paying for the dinner”. Funny. We got back to show to see 3 songs from Braddigan (he was good) and 6 or 7 from Stephen Kellogg. Neither of us was in the mood to stand for a long time.

I had a neurosoma treatment this morning, then ran some errands before we cleaned up the kitchen. Jill’s working tonight, so I’m on my own, which means the usual debauchery (reading, watching, surfing). Now I need to go make packages from my eBay auction.