Out and about

Friday night we visited Stuart and Janice for their semi regular steak and martini night. The steaks were big, but I probably shouldn’t have gone straight into the beer after my martini, as I woke up in the middle of the night with a headache. I just slept it off, though.

Saturday, I had scrambled eggs with cheese and chili garlic sauce, and Jill ran some errands (and picked up a bagel). I had to wait for Scott to come over and pick up his and Mel’s air mattress that we’d forgotten they lent us for the wedding, then I went to Reston for the library booksale, picked up some books I needed (“God Emperor of Dune” in hardcover that wasn’t a book club edition, the latest Robert B. Parker Spenser). Dave and Melissa are moving to Denver, and they had a farewell night at the Carpool in Ballston. We showed up early to eat dinner with them – Carpool has excellent barbeque. And lots of beer on tap – although after Friday, I only had 3 during the 4 hours or so we were there.

Today I made egg sandwiches for breakfast, then Jill ran some more errands. I watched the beginning of the Skins game, then went to the Herndon Folk Festival, where I saw Dee Carstensen and John Gorka, and met up with Stuart and Lorna and Dave. I left early to have dinner with Jill (heated up fried fish and beans), then she went to work, and I caught up on newspapers, then watched “Desperate Housewives”. Very soapy, but did have some LOL lines and a hint of mystery. “Lost” is still my favorite new show, but I have high hopes for “Drew Carey’s Green Screen”. I loved “Whose Line Is It Anyway” (dating back to the English version), and often watch the show (it airs weeknights at 10 & 10:30 on ABC Family, nice appetizer to the “Daily Show”).