Weekend recap

Saturday afternoon, Jill’s mom, her two sisters, and her older sister’s three kids (none older than 4) arrived, and they’re here until Labor Day. And Wednesday her older sister’s husband arrives, and Friday her mom’s husband will be here. It’s been a little hectic around here.

Saturday night, Jill and her two sisters came out to Wolf Trap for the Eddie From Ohio show. At one point I had 10 extra tickets, but managed to get rid of all but three by the time we got there. We had 16 people in our little area, and more food and drinks then we could possibly consume (shouts out to Janice’s chicken and aspargus and dip, and Melissa’s seafood). Natalie MacMaster put on an amazing set – she did Irish step dancing while playing a furious solo at the end. Eddie From Ohio was great as usual. Jill and I had 3rd row seats, and spent half the show down there, then back to the nice cool lawn.

Afterwards we congregated at Janice and Stewart’s house (we figured Jill’s younger sister wouldn’t be let in at Carpool) for some more drinking – I broke out my 12 year old distillery reserve bottle of Jameson’s whiskey – very smooth.

Yesterday I slept in ’til noon as I had a wee hangover. Discovered late Saturday the air conditioning unit is leaking, and I mopped that up, then swept up trash outside that the raccoons had gotten into. Everyone else had gone to the water park, so I got a little time to myself. And after they got back, I went with Linda to see the Getaway Car at Jammin’ Java while they did their wedding makeup with my sister. Getaway Car was great as always, though I didn’t care for the Max Fisher Band who opened.

My favorite funny part of the show was “Broke”, when Todd (after forgetting the lyrics for a minute), stopped because he thought someone was mocking him by singing along, but not in time or on pitch. Then he realized it was his voice on delay. Heh.

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  1. Hey Jill and Kerry. I finally got around to checking out the website! 😀 I hope you got your wedding gifts. I hope your wedding is a lot of fun! Take care. I love you guys!


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