Last night after we got home from visiting the pastor (yay, we passed our homework, he’ll marry us), Jill was flipping channels and landed on “Witches Of Eastwick”. I asked if she was going to watch it – she said she’d never seen it before. I said “As long as you’re going to watch it, why don’t you start from the beginning, and in Dolby 5.1”, and flipped her the DVD. She started and I grilled some turkey sausages with cilantro I’d picked up from Trader Joe’s earlier, sauted some onions, jalapenos, and sauerkraut to go with them. Some chilled Magic Hat #9 was a perfect accompaniment.

The movie’s a favorite of mine, although it’s best not to eat during the cherry or ttomato scene. It’s a perfect role for Jack Nicholson, and it’s one of Cher’s better roles. Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfeiffer are fabulous, and John Williams score is great. S’funny, after the three way, Jill asks “this was written by a man, wasn’t it”. Yep, John Updike, though I haven’t read the book the movie’s based on. One bad thing – the 5.1 mix has the sound f/x so loud, you can barely hear the dialogue sometimes.

On another note, the punchline in this Dork Tower had me ROTFLOL.