Well, just a little. I put lotion on Saturday, and got a little on the side of my arms where it wasn’t, and got some on my arms and nose from yesterday. Jill only had some on her face Saturday, so her arms have it heavy, and some on her chest.

Friday Jill and I went downtown to check out Van Halen. We had reservations at Tony Cheng’s, but I wasn’t hungry (had a late farewell lunch for a coworker) and Jill wasn’t in the mood. There was a long wait at Legal’s, so we went to La Tasca, the tapas place (with another location in Clarendon we’d been to before). I didn’t have much, mostly some spinach dish, but it was tasty. And Van Halen was rocking, had everyone standing through the show. The new songs (for the new greatest hits CD) aren’t that great, but they played a bunch of tunes from 5150 and F*CK, my favorite CDs of theirs. Sammy’s a great frontman, made sure it was a fun show. Eddie has recovered from the hip replacement and throat cancer. Well, his voice was a croak, but he wailed on the guitar.

Both Saturday and Sunday I slept in. Saturday we had some egg sandwiches and headed to the Old Dominion Beer Festival about 1:30. We thought we’d stay a couple hours – we ended up staying for over six hours. We showed up early to catch the Brindley Brothers – they were fun. Before and after, we were filling up on beers. About 4, my friend Dave got there, and we were chatting with him, getting food and more beers. Dogfish Head had an ApriHop ale that was good, and the Rogue Dead Guy Ale was really tasty on draft. Dave’s friend Steve showed up at 6, and we talked with him some before we left.

When we got home it was after 7, so I grilled some steaks, then we left for Nissan Pavilion. It was nice coming late – there was no traffic on 66 or Wellington Road. As we walked in the gate, Frampton was ending – no big loss. We got to our seats and waited about 15 minutes for Styx. They were good (although Jill didn’t enjoy them too much). They played the big hits, including an 18 song medley. The 3 new songs were decent, and Lawrence Gowan (who replaced Dennis DeYoung) is quite a showman – his keyboard spins around 360 degrees, and then he hops on top of it.

Sunday, we got up and read until we left at about 12:45. We were meeting friends for brunch at 2941 in Fairview Park. Hannah and Dave, who arranged it, wisely chose outside seating. The patio overlooks a lake, and it was a gourgeous day for it – just a little cloudy, in the 70s. The food was superb, especially the eggs benedict (always a favorite of mine) and the carrot cake (I feel full again just thinking about it). We got ice teas after we finished, and talked a while. It was nearly 4 when we left (we fed the fish in the pond near the entrance while we waited for the car). We had to get back home so my sister (who’s a Mary Kay consultant) could come over and plan Jill’s wedding makeup. Sharon couldn’t stay for dinner, so we just curled up on the couch and read. We weren’t hungry until after 10, when we had greek salads and fried shrimp (it was quick to make).