Better mood today

After seeing Mel’s comment from yesterday, I thought I should clarify yesterday’s entry.

I was in a bad mood – Jill was supposed to come with me to the doctor, but fell asleep, and work was crappy yesterday. But I got a massage, we had steak and beer for dinner, and went outside to watch the fireworks from the Herndon Festival.

I’m back to my normal, cynical, humorous, self-deprecating self today.

And I don’t feel bad about the job – I’ve already got former coworkers trying to recruit me. I do feel bad about leaving this fine new office, but that’s only because of the gym and entertainment room.

The medical condition doesn’t seem like a big deal – my doctor certainly didn’t seem worried about it.

Money worries are pretty standard, and the reason I was staying at this job in the first place was the retention bonus I get if I stay through June.

And Jill brought me ribs from Famous Dave’s for lunch – yum.

Writing all that down feels better.