The weekend

If it’s Tuesday, it must be the weekend wrap-up. Especially since I didn’t get to it yesterday. Saturday I didn’t get up ’til 1 (since I didn’t get to be ’til 3 – damn body clock wouldn’t reboot, no matter how many times I pressed the soft reset button). I hurried off to Bethesda to see my myotherapist, then went to the Fairfax City library to their booksale and picked up a couple books. Puttered around the house until it was time to go to the Googleplex to see Kevin Smith’s “Jersey Girl” with Jill and Sandy.

I enjoyed the movie immensely. While he doesn’t avoid some of the obvious cliches about fatherhood, there are long stretches where we were laughing so hard we missed some dialogue. Particularly memorable – Ben renting porno while his daughter’s there, the “Sweeney Todd” subplot, and George Carlin in just about every scene he’s in. Afterwards, we headed to Pablo’s for some Mexican food. As we always do we had the queso to start, but I had a combo (soft chicken taco, spinach & poblano enchilada, and a beef rellano) and a low carb margarita instead of my usual El Matador combo and beer.

Sunday Jill was off at Mel’s bridal shower, but I found plenty to do (clean, rollerblade, shower, change & clean screen door, clean furnace filter) to occupy myself until I picked her up. We met up with a group from the ski club at the Bethesda Jaleo. It’s another tapas place (but the original one around here). I had the shrimp with pimentos, blood sausage, Spanish sausages and a Bare Knuckle stout (not a bad Guinness copy from Anheuser-Busch, only thing decent they had on draft), as well as splitting some green beans in garlic sauce with Jill.

We headed home in time to watch last week’s “Alias”, as well as watch this week’s, “The Simpsons”, and “Deadwood”. Alias is getting intense as the traitor will be revealed soon to the CIA. Can’t stand Syd’s new haircut, though. Simpsons was good (Bart in jail), and I like Deadwood – Swearengen (based on a real guy) is an amazing villain, you just love to hate him.