March 15th: London

A rainy morning gets more depressing as I try to check in again by myself. It turns out when I tried to rebook the Oxford Circus hostel, I actually booked the hostel in Oxford. The helpful girl at reception helped me cancel that and find new accommodations at the City of London hostel near St. Paul’s. I head out with Seth to the cafe on Poland Street again for breakfast, then back to the hostel where we grab our stuff. Once we get to the tube, we head our separate ways – him to Heathrow, me to the new hostel.

I check in, store my stuff, and go shopping again. I go to Camden Market where there’s a branch of Music and Video Exchange and some bookstores, Ripping Yarns in Highgate, and my new favorite bookstore, Fantasy Centre in Holloway. I arrive several minutes after closing, but the proprietor is kind enough to let me in for a few minutes. I pick up a few books and vow to return. I head to Tottenham Court Road to check email, then wander down Charing Cross Road, stopping at Deep Pan Pizza for dinner. I walk back to the hostel and go to the lounge to read and chat with the people there.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]