March 14th: London

Seth is feeling poorly, so I wander off shopping. It’s a rainy day, and I hit a couple bookstores near Marylebone, but the best one was way down on King’s Road from the tube stop at Sloane Square. I stop at a Pizza Express for some lunch, have their Sicilia (artichoke, ham, olives) – quite good. When I return to the hostel, Seth’s still in bed, feeling better but not up to going out. I windowshop at HMV and Borders, then pick up food for him and me at Marks & Spencer. Bread and soup for him, a roast beef and yorkshire pudding for me – tasty but not anything like Mom’s. I resolve to have the real thing before I leave. We end up watching tv for a couple hours with some others staying there.

[Originally published at GoHither.Net]