Thursday the 2nd brought word of two very nice digital things. First was a remastered version of the unofficial soundtrack to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – worth getting just for the 2 exclusive new versions of “Beat City” & “I’m Afraid”. I’ve been obsessed with this soundtrack for a long time. Second was the news of a new BitTorrent bundle of Doctor Who episodes. Not a bad deal, and I can’t argue with their selection of episodes. Coincidentally, this helped push me pass 1TB of digital content (between music, pictures, videos, eBooks, digital comics and other files).


Saturday’s theme was unexpected adventures. Gymnastics canceled, woods walking instead of kite flying, a very fast lunch, and Nina’s first fall into the lake (I was right there). We had a tasty early dinner at Lyon Hall (mini franks and bone marrow hit the spot for me) followed by about 20 minutes of Amy Speace at Iota before we determined Nina wasn’t ready for it. And we finished with a nice playtime at a Clarendon playground. Sunday was Easter and Nina was excited to get her very own knitting needles. Mom came over for dinner and we had ham and artichokes.

Nina Jill

Wednesday the 8th Neil Gaiman retweeted me. Now time spent on Twitter is worth it… Saturday Nina and I collaborated on a song in the morning. I sing the bass line (“poop” repeated infinitely) and she sings on top of it. Sunday Dad came over for lunch (and his birthday).


Saturday the 18th the Cannons were in town and we met them at a playground in Falls Church, then we all had lunch at Mad Fox. We were planning on going to see Red Molly in Purcelville in the afternoon on Sunday, but Nina had another asthma attack and they stayed home while I went with Stuart and his dad, then I was home with her on Monday. The Cannons came over to our house for dinner on Tuesday, we all had Mexican food.

I’m sure the folks at the nerd prom had a good time Saturday the 25th, but I was 3rd row for a six song set from Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. It was part of Lead Belly at 125 – good times, they still sounded good, especially on “Gallows Pole”. The next night Jill and I had fun at Alan Doyle’s (ex-Great Big Sea) show at the Birchmere with a nice dinner beforehand at Cheestique – she danced so much she sprained her hamstring.

Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Monday the 27th I realized some things do come in threes: the week before, Nina finally stopped using pull ups at night, the night before the baby gate cracked off at the hinges, and that morning she wanted to eat breakfast by herself. I told her she can’t get her own place until she’s 18. We measured her that night – she was 3′ 4.5″ (and of course had an accident the next two nights, went back to pull ups for a week, etc.).