Much lazier weekend

I only left the house once all weekend (other than walking the dog), and that was only a quick trip to get groceries. We had a bit of frenzied cleanup of downstairs Saturday afternoon because I’d asked my mom to come over for dinner, and the dining room was unusable. We got it in order, then I made Reubens and a fruit salad for us when she came over, we had a nice time. We’d had dinner early, so later on I made popcorn when we watched Monsters Vs. Aliens, fun flick.

Sunday it was glorious to sleep in with the windows open and not be woken up by a yippy dog. I also got to read on the deck with Illa snoozing before heading inside to work on the office and the basement. Later on I grilled burgers for dinner with oven fries and a Caesar Salad, then we watched Fox’s Sunday night ‘toons (I think Simpsons was my fave).