Holiday Party and GrooveLily

Friday night I was pretty beat. I’d only gotten three hours of sleep the night before between going grocery shopping, making dinner, making chili for a cookoff at work (unfortunately didn’t win or place) and finalizing my Artists To Watch CD. I had to get up early so as to get home early for an appointment for Illa, and after that I made the salad for dinner and zoned out on the couch reading papers and comics and watching concerts until Jill came home. I grilled filet mignon and baked some sweet potato fries, then we did some cleaning. I had to get my new computer going as my old wouldn’t burn CDs anymore, but it didn’t take too long to do all the audio CDs.

Saturday morning I had the HOA walkthrough we’d had to postpone due to the snow last week. I got my section done quickly, then returned home to vacuum and clean. Later I headed out to Costco, Target and Total Wine to pick up food and drinks for the party and took a quick shower once I got back. We managed to finish everything before the guests showed, better than usual. We got almost 20 people over the course of the night, and the party went well, saw folks we hadn’t seen in a while and had lots of food and drinks that we didn’t come close to finishing.

Sunday we headed over to Arena Stage’s temporary home in Crystal City to see GrooveLily’s musical Striking 12. We’d seen them do a couple songs from it the last time we saw them, but this was the first time they’d done the full musical in our area, it was really good. We ran into Luke Brindley and Storm afterwords, then headed over to Best Buns Bread Co (they make the bread for Sweetwater Tavern) and I had a salami and havarti sandwich and Jill had some of their corn chowder, both good.

Jill headed out again when we got home, and I watched the Skins game (finally a win, although the team wasn’t that great) then I heated up some leftovers and we watched the rest of Alice as we’d watched the first half earlier in the week and thought it was pretty good as well as the Sunday ‘toons (Simpsons was really good this week).