Summertime, living pretty easy

Friday was kinda light – frozen pizza and salad, then reading. Saturday Jill worked, and I spent six solid hours at the computer downloading and editing music to assemble mp3s for Falcon Ridge (current count: 142). By the time we decided to go to see Luke Brindley with Todd Wright at Acoustic On The Green it was too late to get a picnic together, so we ordered carryout from Saladworks.

It was ready when we got there, and we were soon in Leesburg. The show was already underway, but we saw the majority of it, and it was good. I wasn’t feeling great afterwards (not the food, headache) and read the paper upstairs and fell asleep.

I was more active today, but did read a lot. After I took Illa for a walk, we went out and enjoyed Jill’s hammock. The perfect summer reading was J. K. Rowling’s The Tales of Beedle the Bard (we decided not to rewatch Order Of The Phoenix) before the new movie, so this is my prep) with some mashed pears and vodka. Now I’m going to try a new oven baked chicken recipe for dinner, then maybe we’ll watch Get Smart.