Booksales and Catie Curtis

Friday I got a bit of time outside on the deck, then Jill was in the mood for Mexican, but I ate at Moe’s for lunch, so we had pizza and salad. I read the paper, then watched TV.

Saturday we took a walk in Runnymede Park with Illa, including some cross country trekking when the path we were on ended (note to self – don’t let the dog lead). After that we headed over to Chantilly and Fairfax for some library booksales, along with a stop for some new shoes for both of us. Dinner was ribs after I cleaned the grill for the first time in two years – Jill still wanted Mexican, but I needed to save that to have something quick to make the next night.

Today Jill was supposed to have an all day training class, but they canceled it last minute and she had to trek down to DC to find that out. She ran after she got back, and I went out and ran with Illa. I guess it was too hot for him, as he didn’t eat his breakfast for several hours afterwards. I spent the afternoon starting eBay auctions (118 Wolverine and X-Men related this week) and reading the paper (in the nice cool basement with Illa).

For dinner we finally had Mexican – taquitos, guacamole and queso as well as a mix of onions, peppers and black beans. Then we headed over to Wolf Trap, unfortunately getting there too late to see all of The Bittersweets set (although the stuff we did see was good, including a killer off mic cover of “Falling Slowly”). I was expecting to see Catie Curtis solo, but she had John Jennings, Elana Arian and Edie Carey with her, and it added a lot of power to the show. “It’s A Wonder” and “Sing” were my favorites of the night. Later we had some of the latest evil from Trader Joe’s – ready to bake cookies before Jill headed to bed and I headed online.