Quiet New Year

Since we’ve got both a big vacation coming up and are thinking of going to a Obamaball if we can get in, we stayed in for the evening. Jill did pick up some hummus and a dessert from Wegman’s, we just added the rest of the leftover appetizers from our party. I lit a fire, then we watched Golden Compass (as it had just aired on HBO, not bad), then we called it a night. And that was a good way to wrap up an austere year for us, as 2009 will return us at last to the double income lifestyle (I did cheat a little and ordered my new netbook the day before, but more on that later).

Today Jill was busy studying upstairs, I made breakfast (can’t have bacon every day, but definitely on New Year’s day), then watched a bit of TV, but mainly settled in for a big day of reading comics (a month and a bit behind before today). It’s weird having just today off, because I’m not taking tomorrow off. At least it will be quiet in the office.