Thursday morning we got up somewhat late and headed over to Annandale. Jill dropped me at the movie theater, then headed over to Mom’s. I met up with Dad to catch the new Bond movie (I think we’ve seen them all at one point or another, but we’ve been seeing them in the theaters together since Octopussy), then we joined the rest of the family. Everything was almost ready, and soon we were sitting down to the usual feast. Of course I stuffed myself silly, and it was only after taking the dogs on a long walk that I was able to fit some pie in too.

The rest of the weekend was a mixture of relaxing and cleaning. We had break the cycle of cleaning the day of the party since a) Jill’s ceremony is that afternoon and b) one of her classmates is coming to stay with us tomorrow until then. But the place looks much better now, and I got a lot done I wanted (not everything, but we’ve got time ’til the party).

I made another turkey Saturday (can’t beat 49¢/pound) as well as cinnamon buns from scratch (I had a craving). We had leftovers the rest of the time since that killed most of Saturday – I brined the turkey, not sure how much of a difference it made. Today I got and installed a new latch for the storm door since the spring on the old one broke.