Relaxing, except for a sneaky dog

A good weekend, mostly because there was much relaxing. Saturday I never left the house (except to walk Illa), and it was good. I replaced the propane tank on the grill, and broke out my awesome cilantro pesto chicken (to the 90% of people who don’t think cilantro tastes like soap) which takes a while from marinating to grilling to the stove prep. There was much reading, and after dinner I built a fire and we polished off a lot of TV.

Today I made French toast for breakfast, since Jill was planning on eating here. It went well, but Illa’s desire for playtime afterwards turned out to be a feint as he snuck into the kitchen to sample Jill’s leftovers, and was caught almost immediately and yelled at.

I went out on a couple errands in the afternoon, came back and walked Illa, finished off some auctions, and made a black bean soup. I installed a door sweep on the back door as there’s been a small gap between the sill and the door letting cold air in. I watched the game (another squeaker) while I read the paper, then we ate the soup – turned out pretty well, using leftover rotisserie chicken.